Forever in our hearts.

On the beach

I lay next to the man on a beach in the night. We had been celebrating, there was much to thankful for. The starlight was bright. The sound of the ocean serene. The sand still held the warmth of the… Read more “On the beach”


ፍቅር የሞላው መልካም ሰው

ይሄን መቀበል ቢከብድም ሁሌም በልባችን… Read more “ፍቅር የሞላው መልካም ሰው”


Binni, you were a special soul!

Binni, you were a special soul with a warm smile that welcomed everyone in. Even your eyes smiled and sparkled. You brought joy and built community that became a safe space for so many. Your shower thoughts were funny and… Read more “Binni, you were a special soul!”

Anna Chojnicka

ዛሬ ደርሶ ሰው መሆንህን ቢያስታውስኝፈገግታህ

ዛሬ ደርሶ ሰው መሆንህን ቢያስታውስኝ ፈገግታህ ሳይቀር በስባሽ ድምፅህ ሳይተርፍ ተደምሳሽ መሆንህን ቢያስታውሰኝ ሳትጠፋ እንድረሳህ ሸሸሁ ጥለኸኝ ሳትሄድ ትቼህ ጠፋሁ በስምህ እንዳልታጀብ ልቤ ትዝታ እንዳያስብ ታክሲም እሸሻለሁ ገና ምን አይተህ እናዛን ዘፈኖች ስሰማ ጆሮዬ እንዳይከጅል ያንተን መረዋ ድምፅ አምጡልኝ እንዳይል… Read more “ዛሬ ደርሶ ሰው መሆንህን ቢያስታውስኝፈገግታህ”

Edom Baheru

Until we meet again my friend

There are special people in our lives who never leave us, even after they are gone. Bini is that person for me I have know him for more than 15 years and whenever we meet through different events what I… Read more “Until we meet again my friend”


You’ll terribly be missed Binniyae!

I miss you. I still can’t believe you’re not here with us. I hope you were able to feel the love, care, and light that you truly are. I love… Read more “You’ll terribly be missed Binniyae!”

Melat Terefe

የፈንድቃ ፈገግታ ፈንጣቂ ነበርክ::

ቢኒ ከብዙ በጥቂቱ የፈንድቃ ፈገግታ ፈንጣቂ ነበርክ:: አንተ ሙሉ ነህለእኛ ጎደልክብን… Read more “የፈንድቃ ፈገግታ ፈንጣቂ ነበርክ::”

ግርማ መንግሥቱ

We Didn’t Deserve You

Biniye, you made this world brighter and I cannot express how much emptier it is without you here. We had so many incredible memories together and I’m grateful that I got to share them with you – you made our… Read more “We Didn’t Deserve You”

Chris Turnbull-Grimes

You were such a rare gift

Your smile;Consistent and gunuine not to forget. The sound of your laughter announced your warm heart everytime. Who would ever say they don’t remember them? Who will ever say they will forget that there was a Bini? Our Bini Who… Read more “You were such a rare gift”

Anthony Molosi

Until we meet again, brother. Leave on.

The reason why it took me so long to say anything is because, I’m still in denial. I still can’t believe that you are no more, brother. I wouldn’t have thought, for a second, that the word no more and… Read more “Until we meet again, brother. Leave on.”

Anthony Molosi

ተፈልጌ ነው የተወለድኩት !

ተፈልጌ ነው የተወለድኩት ! የስለት ልጅ ስለሆነ ነው ። እንዲህ ያለው በልደቱ ቀን ነበር ይሄን ፅሁፍ ያጋራው ዛሬም ልደቱ ነው ። ይቺን ቀን ምን አልባት ድኜ ከጓደኞቼ ከቤተሶቼ ጋር ተቀላቅዬ በዙሪያ የነበሩትን ሰዎች በልደቴ ቀን አመስግኜ እውላለሁ ብሎ እቅድም ይኖረው… Read more “ተፈልጌ ነው የተወለድኩት !”

ሙባረክ ያሲን



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